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Female Anatomy 101

Here's the basics..


  • you have 2 ovaries, right and left

  • releases an egg every month (ovulation)

  • produces the female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, which control our periods

  • when they stop working, you go into menopause

Fallopian tubes

  • 2 tubes, right and left

  • each connects an ovary to the uterus

  • this is where sperm and egg meet to make an embryo

  • can surgically cut, clip or remove them to prevent pregnancy (tubes tied)


  • big muscle

  • only purpose is to grow a baby

  • the lining of the uterus builds up each month in case an embryo implants

  • this lining sheds every month when embryo does not implant, and that's your period


  • it's just the bottom part of uterus

  • this part dilates (or opens up) to let the baby out when a pregnant woman is in labor

  • this is what a Pap smear is for (screens for cervical cancer)

  • it's located at the top of the vagina, that's why I need a speculum to see it


  • connects outer labia to cervix

  • this is where tampon or menstrual cup is inserted to collect blood from period


  • holds urine until we're ready to use the toilet

  • this sits right in front of the uterus, down in your pelvis

  • you know where this is because you can feel it when it's full and you have to pee


  • Outer genitalia, or labia (or "lips" of the vagina)

  • clitoris is in area at top

Urethra - where urine comes out of bladder

Perineum - area of skin between vaginal opening and anus

Anus - end of bowels where the poop comes out

There are many grown women who don't know their own anatomy (we won't even talk about what men don't know). At least know these basics and you're good to go.

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